About Me

Currently, I’m the Director of Digital Technology for Direct Wines, Inc., the leading online wine merchant that helps consumers discover new and exciting wines, delivered to their door. 

In 2011, I wrote a book called Smashing jQuery published by Wiley and is available for purchase on Amazon.com. This book also gave me the opportunity to write a few articles in Web Designer Magazine. It was a real challenge to write a book, but it taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. My newest endeavor is learning guitar and ReactJS, I love learning new things and being challenged.

I thoroughly enjoy finding the best solution for each project, starting from analysis of the problem and trying to understand what specific customer issues we are trying to solve. I love mapping out how a customer will use a new product, anticipate where they might stuck, A/B test different variations based on different ideas, analyze the Google Analytics data and other tools to create benchmarks, and overall understand how can we use technology to make the product better for customers.