Top 10 Job Websites for Open Source Web Designers and Developers

If you are a web designer, front end developer and/or an open source web developer looking for a job or freelance work, there are many websites online with job postings targeted to just what you do. Here is the top 10 in no particular order that I have found, used and highly recommend.

Sensational Jobs offers freelance and full-time jobs for web professionals.

Fresh Web Jobs targets web designers and developers that are looking for freelance and/or fulltime opportunities.

From the creators of Basecamp and Backpack, the 37 signals job board is a great place for web designers and open source developers to find jobs.

Creative Hotlist is a great resource for finding creative jobs, they also offer a place for you to host your online portfolio.

Authentic Jobs was created by Cameron Moll, a revolutionary in the CSS/Web Development space. His site is a great place to search/find web design and development positions across the USA.

Think Vitamin is an online publication/resource for web designers, they also have a jobs section for css/web designers looking for work.

Freelance Switch is the ultimate resource for freelancers. They have an extensive freelance job board where you can apply to jobs for $7/month, but its free to post jobs.

Slashdot is a more general web developer/programmer job board, their tagline is “Jobs for Nerds”.

Krop is a site dedicated to listing creative and tech jobs, they have a history of listings for many notable fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, New York Times and Apple to name a few.

Coroflot is similar to Creative Hotlist in that they offer job listings and portfolios, its like a community for creatives.

This list is comprised of the most popular open source web designer and developer job boards, if you see a site that fits into this post and you believe should be added, please let me know.

JobPile aggregates all of the above job sites into one site, allowing you to search all of them in one place. Its a great site!

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  1. Great list, just to point out that the first entry Fresh Web Jobs just links to the image not the website 🙁

    Thanks for the post though!

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