Web has been hacked.

Yea, my site has been hacked. Someone got in and deleted all my pages, all of my tutorials that I spent hours creating to help others on the web. Some Jerks overwrote that so they could earn a buck with their stupid spam ads. Im so mad right now, I was doing something good for the internet and look what happened.

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Men i really sorry that, i hope you still helping the internet, aslo i hope have a backup 😀
Thanks for your help, and continue!!

Thanks for your support, I have managed to upgrade to wordpress 2.5, as there were serious security issues with 2.0. I had a backup from January which I was able to get some of my older tutorials back up and running with. Thank god for backups, Im going to take this opportunity to create some more tutorials/articles that I will be releasing in the coming weeks/months.

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Ooopss . . You got hacked


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