Magento: Getting Table Rates to work with v1.1.6

Getting Table Rates to work with v1.1.6 was trivial. Magento has a great tool built-in for uploading a spread-sheet that contains your table rates. I tried this about 3-4 times before realizing that there must be a bug after seeing the words “Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.” displayed on the website where the shipping methods are usually located. I did some research on the magento forums and found that some other users had similar issues.

The solution was to export the .csv document from magento to your desktop, then open in a text editor (NOT EXCEL), then make you adjustments, then re-upload. Voila, it works.

Here is a sample of what my .csv file looked like:
“Country”,”Region/State”,”Zip/Postal Code”,”# of Items (and above)”,”Shipping Price”

At the time of writing this post, v1.1.8 has just been released and one of the bug fixes looks like a table shipping rates fix. I haven’t tried it yet, but wouldnt be surprised if this was fixed now. Good Job Magento!

6 thoughts on “Magento: Getting Table Rates to work with v1.1.6”

  1. When you say “export the .csv document”. What are you exporting and from where?

    I am looking for a way to export order information and the CSV you have in the blog post looks promising.


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