Google Analytics: How to setup Site Search

A great feature within Google Analytics which is really easy to setup, is Site Search. It’s hidden within the content tab and once setup, you can find out how people are using your search on your site, and how it leads to conversion.

How to Setup Site Search

  1. First, you will need to enable it from Google Analytics. Once you have logged in, you will see “Website Profiles”, click Edit next to the profile of which you would like to enable site search.
  2. Now you should see “Main Website Profile Information”. There will be an edit link in the right hand corner of the box, please click that.
  3. Now you should see the following screen:
  4. Next, you will need to do a search on your site. Look at the query string and pull out the query parameters that you wish to track. My query string is as follows: The “s” is the query parameter, which I will insert into the query parameter input box.
  5. Your settings should look similar to the screenshot below, once you click save – you will now be tracking site search. And in a few days, after some data has been collected, come back and analyze.

This is a quick way to instantly learn what people are doing on your site, you can also track keywords that were typed in, even if no content matches. Its a great way to create relevant content and drive traffic!

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