5 Excellent ExpressionEngine Extensions

After recently building two websites in ExpressionEngine, I came across 5 extensions that proved to be quite helpful in putting together a great content managed site.

  1. FieldFrame – Allows you to create and add custom field types to ExpressionEngine such as drop down selects, multi-selects, checkbox, radio buttons, and more. The cost is free and is compatible with EE1 and EE2.
  2. Matrix (formerly FFMatrix) is a great plugin for displaying tabular information within on weblog entry. The cost is $55 and its compatible with EE1 and EE2. A great extension made by the guys at Pixel and Tonic.
  3. Playa is another great plugin from Pixel and Tonic, which allows you to setup relationships between weblogs. EE has relationships tags built-in, but this plugin makes it much easier to setup and has an excellent interface for doing so. The cost is $75 and works with EE1 and EE2.
  4. Wygwam is a plugin which allows you to designate a field to have wysiwyg formatting options. Its a great plugin for clients who aren’t familiar with creating html, which makes EE a true CMS. It takes a bit of configuration to get it working correctly with your content, but as a client told me – it’s like working with Word through a web browsers. The cost is $35 and its compatible with EE1 and EE2.
  5. LG .htaccess generator is a great plugin for those who want to setup friendly url’s, but drop the index.php from showing up in the URL. Best of all, its free!

Despite having to pay for these extensions, they are well worth it; the extensions are easy to install, have great support and documentation.

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