Top 5 Things I Learned The Week of November 18

The week of November 18 was a busy one, but I did read some interesting articles and these are the top 5 that I would like to highlight.

#1 : Foundation 5 : Responsive Framework

I closely follow the guys at, they have put out some nice software and Foundation definitely falls into that category. It’s a responsive framework, similar to Twitter Bootstrap – but focuses more on Responsive – less off a full-pattern design library. The supporting website has great documentation and is very well done, would highly suggest checking it out for your next project.

#2 : Learning to Say “No” Is Part of Success

I LOVE the Harvard Business Review Blog articles, I want to get a magazine subscription and hoping around Black Friday that there will be some sort of coupon or deal! Anyways, I read a lot of articles on management, process, etc. and happened to come across this one this week. Its an important thing to think about as you grow in your career and you become more successful, you can’t do everything! You need to say No to some things and be happy/confident with that decision. Check out the article, its a quick read!

#3 : 10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS

MVC for JavaScript is really taking hold in the JavaScript community, there is Backbone.js as I noted last week and there are a handful of other MVC frameworks. The most notable being AngularJS as its backed/written by Google. I love top 5/10 lists and this article is a great view of AngularJS and why you as a developer should learn it. I just picked up a book on AngularJS and Backbone.js, so will be learning both and then picking one to move forward with. It could be that both have their uses and its not one framework that will win out.

#4 : A New Model for Innovation in Big Companies

I love reading about innovation and ways to make it happen, innovation is as much about execution as it is about ideas and strategy. Its about getting to market quickly and making things happen, small quick releases instead of building the whole kitchen sink. I’ve read a few books on Lean Startup, Agile, etc. and this article talks about a consulting company called OneLeap and some of the methodologies they are using to help companies innovate. Definitely worth a read if you are trying to innovate in your big company. If a small startup with 3 people can move fast, why cant a big company with 30 people move fast? This article will help you understand how you can move faster!

#5 : Introducing the Mandrill Cloud Module for Transactional Emails

About 6 months ago I discovered Parse and Mandrill separately, Parse is a cloud-based DB mainly to support the building of Smartphone apps. Mandrill is a transactional email based application from Mailchimp. If you put those two together, then you can build really powerful apps. But what I love about these two services is that you can build apps using JavaScript! Thats hot! Definitely worth checking out Mandrill on it’s own or in conjunction with

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