Top 5 Things I Learned The Week of November 11

This is the kickoff post for a new weekly post Im going to start writing, I consume a lot of articles on a daily basis and would love to share the top 5 articles/tools/tutorials I have read/found with everyone. This will also give me a nice archive of links to go to. Feel free to submit your suggestions too.

#1 : Learn Backbone.js Completely

Im in the process of evaluating Angular JS and Backbone JS, so I have been consuming lots of articles and debates on which one to use. I came across this blog post while looking for some information on learning Backbone.js, its a good collection of different articles that support the prerequisites required for learning Backbone.js. It’s a bit outdated on backbone, but the JavaScript principles will stay the same. I have started to use the Object Literal Design pattern religiously at work. As a result, Im consuming as much information on JavaScript objects as possible.

#2 :

I have been looking for a nice tool to run some Front-End Optimization (FEO) reports for our websites at work. I have used Gomez, YSlow, and in the past, what I really love about this tool is that it’s actually running tests. You can also compare against competitors and do ad-hoc testing for $20. It’s still in it’s early stages, but I spoke with the developer and he has some big, exciting plans for the software.

#3 : Improve your website’s performance with the new Speed Suggestions report

I follow the Google Analytics Blog very closely, Google has been dumping a ton of money/resource into making Google Analytics a better tool over the past 2 years. I’m like a kid in a candy store when they write a new blog post about a new feature, this one came up in my feed and I was very excited. Ive used the page speed tool for Google, but now that it’s integrated into Google Analytics it has become front of mind.

#4 :

I get so excited about new tools that make it easier to test and optimize web sites and applications, Browserstack is one to be very excited about. It has 4 different toolsets: Live Testing, Screenshots, Responsive and Automation with support for over 200 browsers and 10? operating systems. It makes it dead easy to test your site/application in any operating system/browser without having the manage multiple VM’s, etc. Best of all, the price tag is low! It’s a no-brainer, we have since signed up for a subscription at work!

#5 : GruntJS

GruntJS is one of my new favorite tools, I had learned about it about a year ago and did some early setup/testing on our JS stack at work. We parked it and decided to come back to it about 3 weeks ago, since then GruntJS has matured! The adoption has really picked up and the support as a result is much better. GruntJS is a great workflow tool for JavaScript and Front-End Developers, it really helps you to write better code and automate a lot of tasks. You can also customize the hell out of it and write your own plugins! Highly suggested that you check it out if you get the chance.

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