Top 5 Articles – Week of March 17th

During the the week of March 17th, I was in the UK working on a project using AngularJS. Been really diving deep into Angular, Node and client-side templating. I did a few presentations to a group at my company about the future of JavaScript.

#1 : Promises in AngularJS, Explained as a Cartoon

A colleague of mine passed this article over to me to explain Promises in AngularJS. This blog post by Andy Shora provides a great explanation, definitely check it out if you are into Angular JS!

#2 : How We Make Trello

I love Trello, a big thanks to my colleague Luciano Diaz as he introduced me to Trello about a year ago. We use it for project management at work, but I have been using Fog Creek products for about 4 years. We were previously using Fogbugz. The company makes great software and Joel Spolsky is an interesting guy to follow. Definitely check this out – I love to look under the hood of products to find out how they are made.

#3 : Building a Real-time SMS Voting App Part 1: Node.js & CouchDB

Even though this tutorial is from 2012, its still very relevant. It’s a great tutorial which utilizes Twilio and Nodejs to setup a real-time voting app. I used the app to showcase real-time features to the management team at my day job, everyone was supremely impressed. It also gave me a better idea of the power of Node.js.

#4 : Iconic Framework

Another recommendation from a colleague, a framework for developing mobile apps! Looks very slick, I need to take a deeper dive – but on the surface I saw that it supports AngularJs! Definitely a framework to keep an eye on!

#5 : AngularJS 2.0

Last but not least, an announcement about AngularJS 2.0! The MVC framework is growing up and with it comes a huge milestone release to make it faster, simpler, and more capable!

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