Top 5 Angular JS Articles for the week of March 31

During the the week of March 31th, I was very busy at work building an single page web application using AngularJS. I have been reading whatever I can find on angular JS, watching video tutorials, etc. I have 5 top articles that I would like to share this week.

#1 : Displaying a Flash Notice/Failure Message

I found this nice little website called Recipes with AngularJS and there are some good little tutorials which will help you get started on projects. I especially liked this on on setting up a flash notifications service in Angular. It’s quite useful for any application.

#2 : Show route only after all promises are resolved

A good article that explains how to show routes only after the promises have been resolved, I used this article as a starting point for our web application. Bruno Scopelliti has done a nice job of explaining how to use ngRoute and resolve to load the routes and views. He has some other useful articles on tutorials on his site, definitely someone I’ve added to my follow list.

#3 : AngularJS: Timing Multiple $resource Resolves in ngRoute and ui-router

AngularJS has a feature called resolves, which is very powerful. It allows you to load a view once the data is ready when hooking up to an API. It’s basically a promise, which you should understand if you have read the previous article. UI router is a plugin that you can use instead of ngRoute, which gives you better capabilities around routing in AngularJS applications.

#4 : AngularUI Router

A great plugin to replace the out of the box ngRoute in Angular Core. UI router gives you nested views and states and multiple and named views. We are using it at work for our web application to do some resolves, but hoping to dig into the nested views. Definitely check it out!

#5 : The Promised Land (presentation)

In this presentation, Domenic Denicola gives a pretty thorough review of Promises in angular. The best way to learn this stuff is to do it, about a month ago my colleague had said that he heard at a conference that promises is something we should look into. Then this week we ran into a situation in our web app that called for Promises. This week Promises clicked in my head around how you get the most benefit, and this presentation helped!

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