NodeJS Web App

Case Cobbler Web App

The Case Cobbler web app an internal tool we use to build product case images using a set of templates, this was originally a PHP app developed by an outside agency. I decided to re-develop the app using the MEAN (Mongo Express Angular Node) stack. 

The old tool was limited in features, so I took the rebuild as an opportunity to add new features that included:

  • Ability to easily add new templates
  • Automatic resizing (we have 3 different sized images, the previous tool only produced 1 image and a designer would have to resize the other 2)
  • Case images are uploaded directly to production when completed
  • All completed cases configurations are stored in MongoDB

Technology Used:

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB (local instance on the server)
  • ImageMagick
  • AngularJS for the front-end views

This project took about 1 month to build and was very challenging, I had never worked with ImageMagick before and had only a few interactions with Node. What drew me to node was the fact that I could access the file system and use ImageMagick in the command line to do all the image processing. I also used Node to move the completed files to production, the team was very happy with the new tool.