PHP to Ruby on Rails and back again…

After about 2 years of working with Rails on a few side projects, I have decided to drop any further development in Rails. I will be going back to PHP full force, not that I ever ditched PHP, as Rails was always an exploration for me. It served well on a few large projects and, but I have found although its super fast to get up and running. I will usually run into massive issues with hosting and getting past the scaffolding phase. I really do enjoy the migrations, the database object model, MVC, and scaffolding was pretty slick. If you havent checked out Rails, I would give it a try – but most of my developer friends who have given it a try, end up going back to php.

If there is something Im missing or a reason why Rails is better than php, Im open to discussion.

6 thoughts on “PHP to Ruby on Rails and back again…”

  1. I haven't, but I was interested in it for that very reason. Since I have experience with PHP, it seems like a logical step to do CakePHP instead of committing to Ruby/Rails (having to learn a new language, etc.)

  2. Rails is pretty nice, tons of great support and now with Passenger it makes running rails a breeze. Also loved the tool capistrano for creating deployment scripts with subversion!

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