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I have finally finished my first WordPress plugin, which is a geocoder utility for geocoding addresses and storing the longitude and latitude as custom fields. I have been looking for a plugin that did something similar, but was unable to find anything – so decided instead to challenge myself and build a WordPress plugin.

The plugin has 2 options that must be setup prior to using it, which can be set in the options page under settings:

  • Google Maps API key must be set
  • Custom Field name to be used when passing in the address

Once these two values are set, you can create a post – add the custom field key, add the value of the address and after you hit publish, the post will be saved with the new longitude/latitude values stored as custom fields (meta_long/meta_lat). You are then able to use this data to create google maps complete with markers, etc.

If you go back into a post that already has the long/lat data, then the geocoder will not be hit when you save that post. I added this feature to save on the amount of requests to the geocoder.

This WordPress Plugin is tested up to WP 3.1.

[download id=”13″]

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