WP Custom Field Geocoder Update v.02

Today I’m releasing v0.2 of my WordPress Custom Field Geocoder! I started working on creating a google map on my WordPress installation and soon realized that I needed to make some changes to the plugin.

I have added the following updates:

  • Instead of the plugin returning the longitude/latitude and inserting into two custom fields, it now inserts both values into one custom field called “meta_geo”.
  • I have added a custom column to the “Posts” view so that you can see if each post has a value for geo coordinates, if no value is present it will instead display “No GEO”.

I will be posting code to create the actual maps on WordPress using custom queries and will be adding more features to the plugin. If anyone has requests, I’m all ears!

If you would like to download the new version, [download id=”14″].

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