HTML5 Local Storage and Web Personalization

I have just finished doing some research on using HTML5 Local storage instead of Cookies for website personalization and have come to the conclusion that everyone should be using HTML5 local storage in place of cookies from this point forward. The only disadvantage I have read about is browser support, local storage is supported by IE8+. If that’s not a concern, at this point it shouldn’t be as IE7 is on it’s way out the door – then start using local storage where you can.

I’m going to explore using it for website personalization, I found that Ensighten is using local storage to deliver personalized content (

Some of the benefits include:

  • HTML5 Local Storage API makes it easier to setup
  • Local Storage supports up to 10MB of space, cookies only support 4KB
  • Data is stored as key:value pairs which allows you to easily mimic JSON structures

For more information, check out the following articles:

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