Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OSX Tutorial

After going through about an hour of not really following what was going on with a colleague while he was installing ruby on my G5 at work, I decided to try this on my own, without his help. I searched the internet for some information how to do this on a Mac and found some good resources.

The basic software that you will need to run ruby is:

web server and web database.

I found the following tutorial that outlines step-by-step how to install from start to finish.

One of the required software packages is Apple’s Xcode 2.1 developer tools. I wasnt even sure how to go about getting this, I remember my friend had a disc, I think it was the operating Mac OSX Tiger Operating System Setup disc that had a copy of Xcode 2.0 on it. If this is getting confusing, check out this tutorial on how to get the latest copy of Xcode Tools 2.1 and install it.hertz 17 ringtone80s ringtone mixringtone a900 transfer100 kelly ringtone rtons ringtone 16frog crazy ringtones 173020th fox ringtone centuryringtone 2126 tracfone Mapacyclovir tramadol aldarahci about tramadoltablet tramadol 120tramadol 4.00viagra adderalltaken xanax ambien withof xanax abuse25mg viagra Mapmovie theatres amcmovies fuck lolitatommy pam lee moviemovies voyeur freesteal krystal movies freegranny fucking moviestiffany movies teenejaculation female movies Mappics dorm porndorthy pornstar blackjointed porn doubbleporn me double bangdouble darrel porndouble dildo video porndouble porn esporn penetration free double Mapgroup fuckingnaked simpsonsvideo wifeysworldgay drawingsclothes teendd boobspussy megapanty shots Map

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