two ways of building a site in flash

After many tutorials and research on building sites with Flash and ActionScript, I have learned something new today. There are two great ways to build a site in Flash.There is an older way and a newer way, the newer way is the one I just learned about and its very cool. The older way, which is the way I have been doing it up until now makes use of Scenes. Each Scene represents a different page in the site, I use buttons for navigation and use on release gotoandStop(“scenename”, frame#). This way is easy to do but it means all the scenes need to have the same content and duplicate code, it can get tedious putting the same action script on each scene. Especially if you flash site is more than 5 pages.”Scenes can be a bit of nasty in Flash. They usually work well enough for animators who work pretty much exclusively on the main timeline, but for anyone using any decent amount of ActionScript or level or depth in a Flash movie they are usually (and should be) avoided. The main problem with scenes is that they don\’t really exist once a Flash movie is published into a swf file. Scenes in the fla are actually concatenated to form one long timeline that represents the main timeline, _root.” –\r\nThe newer way, which I just figured out today is way cooler and I cant wait to try it out. Its much more flexible and scalable. It uses movie clips, basically the more I read about Flash, the more important movie clips seem to become. They are a vital piece of Flash.Ok back to the second way, First you make buttons but put them in Movie clips, they will be more versatile. So instead of the object being a button, its actually a movie clip. You use the loadClip and assign it to the onRelease action of the movie clip button – lets call it About Us.So now About Us has an onRelease that is loading a movie clip called About Us Content. It will load the About Us Content into a movie clip called content that has been placed on the main stage within your movie. This way is much easier to do, You can insert pre-loaders on each piece of content, content is easily changed. You have code only in one spot. The advantages of this way surpass the old way I was doing it greatly. Movie clips are the bomb! Like I said before, I cant wait to get more involved with putting a site togehter using moving clips.

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