Part 1: ActionScript 3.0 LoaderInfo Useful Events

Im very impressed with ActionScript 3.0 and how all the events work. I have been reading up lately on progress events specifically the open, progress, and complete events. You can manipulate these events in so many ways, it makes creating a preloader a breeze. For example, you can use the progress event to create a listener that tracks the progress of a file that is being loaded into your flash file. You can accomplish this in about 3-5 lines, then you can create an Event.COMPLETE listener that checks to see when the file that you are loading is complete then it calls a function which does something. Its so much easier than having to create 10-15 lines of AS2.0 code to determine how much has been loaded, etc.

Useful Events:

  • open
  • progress
  • complete
  • init
  • httpStatus
  • ioError
  • securityError
  • unload

I will be working on a script/demo to explain this further, look for it in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Part 1: ActionScript 3.0 LoaderInfo Useful Events”

  1. The LoaderInfo class provides details about a packed SWF computer file or a packed picture computer file. LoaderInfo things are available for any display item. The details provided includes fill improvement, the URLs of the loading machine and packed content.

  2. I am modifying the flashvars factors v1=value&v2=value ect then after the display film operates I am modifying the factors on the outside by javascript, so far so excellent.when display first plenty it flows the vars properly.when I try to study them it keeps studying the old principles.

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