Skills relevant:
Flash, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, XML, OOP

Priceline.com Pricebreakers Deal Ticker
I created a deal ticker that loops through the pricebreakers xml feed and animates them onto the screen one after the other. I used ActionScript 3.0 to build the app, which can also be installed on your desktop via AIR. This ticker can be used with any RSS/XML feed, the AS will have to be slightly changed to support a different xml structure.

View ActionScript 3.0 Code

Priceline.com Interactive Map v2.0
This map is based off v1.0, with the difference being that everything is dynamically pulled in from an xml file.

The following attributes are accessible from the xml file:

  • Hotel Name
  • Star Name Label
  • X and Y Coordinates to Place Star on Map
  • Hotel from Price
  • Hotel Image
  • Hotel URL

View ActionScript 3.0 Code
View XML File

Priceline.com Interactive Map v1.0
I created an Interactive Map for Priceline.com that is dynamically powered by an xml file and built in ActionScript 3.0. From within the XML file, you can specify the star level, prices, text, and url for each popup window that is tied to a car movieclip on the stage.

NewImage.com Interactive Map
I created an Interactive Map for NewImage with functionality that allows you to click a state which changes the drop down in the form. The flash is all dynamic and built in ActionScript 2.0. (NOTE: Still in Development – Washington, Oregon, California are working.)

View JavaScript Code
View ActionScript 2.0 Code

FreeCreditReport Banner
A concept banner ad for PrivacyMatters.com.

NetDegree Banner Concept
A concept banner ad for NetDegree.com.

Abel Noser Trade Zoom Flash Demo
I created this online demo for a client.

Wernert Home Showcase
I created this slideshow that is uses xml and is easily updateable.

Edgar Online/iMetrix Homepage Flash
I created this flash feature to replace the current feature ont he edgar online homepage. This also has an xml component which allows the client to change the text within the flash on the fly.

dLife Foundation Banner Ad
This is a flash banner ad that I created for the dLife Foundation.

I created this Flash Home page feature for dLife.com. I created a Flash/XML based slideshow type component that would cycle through as little as 5 images at a rate of about 5 seconds per image, that was fed dynamically from an xml file which controlled the image path, frame delay, and image url.

This is currently the second version of the flash feature, I added the ability to load external .swf files into the feature so that not only static images but also animated flash movies could be served.

I have posted an tutorial on my development blog for this xml slideshow and also have posted my script for downloads, you can see it here.

England Slideshow
I created this england slideshow/gallery for a project for a college flash course.

Eikos Partners – Work in Progress
Eikos Partners is a redesign of a corporate website, this is still under development.

View Work In Progress

I created this Flash Game for my Flash Game Development Course in 2006 using Flash 8, Actionscript and Illustrator to create the graphics.

I created this Flash Game for my Flash Game Development Course in 2006 using Flash 8, Actionscript and Illustrator to create the graphics.

This was a little flash animation project that I had done for a class in school.

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