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Packt Publishing reaches 1000th book title and celebrates with an open invitation

As everyone may or may not know, I love technical books – being an author of Smashing jQuery has given me great appreciation for a well-written technical book. Packt Publishing has published many great web programming books and Im happy to spread the word about their 1000th title promotion that they are currently running.

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Earth Day – 4/22/08

Happy Earth Day! Over the past few months, I have been getting more concerned with the state of the earth and therefore have been putting in a little more effort to do my part. I have been recycling whatever I can at home, and I have started bringing my own shopping bags to the grocery store. Plastic bags take 500+ years to bio-degrade and apparently the average 4 person family uses 1000 bags a year. Its important that if you use plastic bags, to recycle them when you are finished with them.

Another alternative is to bring your own bags, I have been using Baggu reusable bags. I love them, they are nylon, washable and are much more durable and hold more than plastic bags. Many stores now give you money back for using your own bags. If you havent already, I urge you to do your part and pick up some Baggu bags.

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List Items and Background Images

Today I learned a new trick, instead of using the list-style-image to declare your image in a list like so:ul {list-style-image:url("bullet.gif");} This method is limited in placing your image, because you can\’t move around where it appears. It will appear in place of the bullet and thats it. If you use background inside of the actual li declaration, then instead you can use the padding and margins to place your custom bullet point accordingly.Setup like this:ul {list-style-type:none;}ul li {margin:0px;padding:5px 0px 0px 10px;background: url (bullet.gif);}

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What is it about Bad Design?

Bad DesignReally, what is it about bad design that draws people in. I have been thinking perhaps someone needs to tell someone that they dont have what it takes and they shouldn’t be designing. How much of design is something that is inside of you. Can anyone become a designer? Would a banker be able to design? If you put a banker into a thorough design program, would he come out as a designer? I would like to think NO! Bad Designers in online coursesI am currently taking classes online and there are some fellow students that just shouldn’t be allowed to design. I would say in most of my design courses online, if there are 15 students in the class, usually only about 3-4 can really be creative. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but I am in advanced courses and still there are individuals who cant properly mask an image or choose colors that dont clash. Perhaps I am looking at this the wrong way, perhaps we need those bad designers, so that our designs stand out that much more. Accepted by allSomething can also be said here for a college that accepts anyone. For example, my fiancee went to Syracuse University and was accepted into the Visual Communications program. The key word here is accepted, I was accepted in Westwood Online by paying the college tuition. There was no interview process, I chose Westwood because it seemed like the easiest and most convenient way for me to finish my college education. I think this is where the bad designers fall through the cracks, if they dont make it into big name schools with serious art programs or if they decide that they want to become a web designer, they will eventually end up in a community college or online college program.Bad Design as a result of Bad CritiquesAnother thought is that the reason that these designers are poorly unskilled or just plain bad is because no one has ever really told them what they think. We have weekly critiques in my classes, where we need to point out what works and what doesnt. I feel like most of these people think a critique means I should tell them “It Looks Great! I like the colors! Nice Type” and thats it. I get a lot of those, but I actually learn more when someone from a different point of view really pulls apart my piece and tell me what they really think of it. Give an honest critqueWould you think being honest online would be a bad thing? I critique people as I expect them to critique me. I give them my honest opinion, or constructive criticism. So I gave a critique to this one girl, and she took it as an attack on her. Then she brutally attacked my design and me. After our little online tiff, she stated that it would be better if we didnt speak for the rest of the semester. Imagine That! To summarize Im going to say that not everyone should be allowed to design. And if you do decide to try design, expect comments, criticism, etc. And if you can\’t handle the criticism, becuase face it – your first design will never be your final winning piece, then choose a different career path.

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Ruby on Rails Forum

I have started another new project,, which will be used to support the ever growing ruby on rails community.lesbian watch movie freelicking movies sapphiclocal movie schedule theaterxxx movie clips longmature pussies movies plumpholes moviesterling movie nicinude database moviemovie old westernadult online moviesmovies hentihot movies lesbiankorean movies sexof movies sean porn michaels listsamples lolita movielong blowjob moviesmovies mature bbwscript template moviestar tits moviemovie vidcapssprint ringtone airwolfbarrington alison24 free ringtoneringtones for g 4 3 freeto ringtones 3 g24 show tv ringtonesteam a ringtonesand 24 ringtone Mapringtones nokia free 5125lg 5200 ringtone free3395 free ringtone nokia cingular download24 nextel ringtone cturingtones amerieringtone free nokia 5165 4s ringtones theme tv 1960free phone nokia ringtone 3390 Mapteens albanoaha analogueadult dvd pornstar empire filesgroup amatuer sex swimpics ameteur pornadult sling sexchatroom java teens adultvideos free absolutely sex Maphigh accreditation of schoolslogin account credit amazonaccept wireless checks cards credit andloan poor $5000 credit no oraccept card credit transactionsaccept phone card free visa creditcollege accredited course onlinewith debt advice credit card Mapamerica first creditunioncards credit rewards 5 cashunions alabama credit911 line credit softwarerates accept credit card lowphone account accept with cards creditcredit mastercard card visa acceptai credit Map5.7 loansmonth 60 car loan7a loan business smallabout student loans consolidatingloan home adelaideinterest aircraft rates loanamerican loan company online100,000 loan business Maphot ringtones 2100ringtone hobbits aboutbollywood mp3 ringtonesfantasy ringtonemosquito ringtoneringtones mp3 wapnextel ringtonesreggaeton ringtone Map18 wallpaper ringtone20000 klingeltoene ringtonesringtone 330 philipsboyz ringtones 504666 ringtone metal8210 transfer ringtone logotill ringtone 93 infinityaapne aashiq ringtone banaya Mapporn hunter fatpictures fat pornthumbs porn fatporn fat vidsfat pornographyporn women fat lesbianfather daughetr porn achina porn father caught Mapmia and porn auntporn aunt pollyaunts porn comicsebony aurora pornporn austrailion gays australian porn 70australian porn boysaustralian pornstars hardcore Map

CSS/Web Standards General Web

Recently, I was invited by an online friend, Joost de Valk, to participate and help build, the first real informational guide to CSS3. CSS3 wont be fully supported for at least a couple of years, but we will be previewing features that are currently supported by today’s browsers.In the near future, I will be reviewing some modules, testing them out in different browsers, and compiling my results into compatability tables.

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Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OSX Tutorial

After going through about an hour of not really following what was going on with a colleague while he was installing ruby on my G5 at work, I decided to try this on my own, without his help. I searched the internet for some information how to do this on a Mac and found some good resources.

The basic software that you will need to run ruby is:

web server and web database.

I found the following tutorial that outlines step-by-step how to install from start to finish.

One of the required software packages is Apple’s Xcode 2.1 developer tools. I wasnt even sure how to go about getting this, I remember my friend had a disc, I think it was the operating Mac OSX Tiger Operating System Setup disc that had a copy of Xcode 2.0 on it. If this is getting confusing, check out this tutorial on how to get the latest copy of Xcode Tools 2.1 and install it.hertz 17 ringtone80s ringtone mixringtone a900 transfer100 kelly ringtone rtons ringtone 16frog crazy ringtones 173020th fox ringtone centuryringtone 2126 tracfone Mapacyclovir tramadol aldarahci about tramadoltablet tramadol 120tramadol 4.00viagra adderalltaken xanax ambien withof xanax abuse25mg viagra Mapmovie theatres amcmovies fuck lolitatommy pam lee moviemovies voyeur freesteal krystal movies freegranny fucking moviestiffany movies teenejaculation female movies Mappics dorm porndorthy pornstar blackjointed porn doubbleporn me double bangdouble darrel porndouble dildo video porndouble porn esporn penetration free double Mapgroup fuckingnaked simpsonsvideo wifeysworldgay drawingsclothes teendd boobspussy megapanty shots Map

CSS/Web Standards General

Newest Re-design Contests

After doing my daily readings on various blogs, I have found two very interesting contests that are currently being held. Both contests have the wonderful prize of a brand new sick-ass Apple laptop. I actually think its a rather interesting way of getting a new redesign for around $5K and not being limited to only one designer’s work. Using this method, they are able to receive as many entries as possible from different designers in the given amount of time. Its definitely a great idea, although the only input they get to have, it at the very beginning. So it could really be a hit or miss situation.

Current CSS Re-design Contests:

BBC CSS Reboot Contest

Slashdot CSS Re-design Contest

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Flash Embed/IE Issue

The newest issue to hit Internet Explorer browsers across the internet was the Flash/IE Bug. This bug would create the problem of having to click twice on a Flash Ad. An extra click would be required to “activate the content”. This bug was a result of a lawsuit lost by Microsoft.

Some Possible fixes:

Macromedia Flash Fix

Flash Patch

Fix the Flash Embed Issue

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Printing on the web with CSS

How to setup CSS Print Stylesheets.