What are Web Hooks?

What are Web Hooks?

In an effort to push my skills front-end development with jQuery, I have began trying to learn more about Web Hooks. Web Hooks are essentially user-defined callbacks or events, which can be used in a number of different ways as perfect example is chartbeat.com (a real-time web analytics application.)

Various websites and applications have API’s that include support for Webhooks, here are the following that I have found:

I have also found a website called Pusher.com, which is essentially a simple hosted API for which you can build real-time events applications around. They have quite a few tutorials on their website, which I plan to work with and explore. The next step would be to find websites/applications on the web which are utilizing WebHooks. I know as part of the HTML5 spec that websockets are supported, so will spend some time trying to learn how to integrate these into my daily workload.

  1. Webhooks allows you easily make power reports. This power aware is a HTTP POST, that is triggered by some action. This is a operate focused for developers who want to get details from actions that occur on a blog site. Only management level clients can add or manage webhooks.